Jefferson hits House Dems up for cash -- on Congressional letterhead

I’ll give him a standing ovation for this. Just for having the sheer balls to do it.

Some Democratic aides were downright aghast at Jefferson’s audacity at using franked envelopes, official letterhead and the House internal mail service in a blatant violation of House rules…

Another, only slightly snarkier, Democratic House chief of staff pitched in with: “He’s got $90,000 in his freezer, why can’t he buy some stationery and stamps?” (Answer: Because the Feds took the money!) The chief of staff added, “Some people will never learn. Can’t he go away already?”

Jefferson, who has not been indicted (yet) in the bribery scandal, sent out the letter by mistake, according to his office. His staff apparently meant to use campaign stationery, but instead used the boss’s “Congress of the United States” letterhead, which, by the way, still lists Jefferson as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee

“It was just a tremendous — tremendous — staff error,” [Jefferson’s spokesman] said.

Who was responsible for stripping him of that membership on the Ways and Means Committee? Right: the same people he sent the fundraising letter to.