INDC in Iraq: Saving lives in Fallujah

Bill’s first dispatch for the Examiner is up. It’s a salute to the Navy medics in the unit he’s embedded with, whose talents he had an unfortunate opportunity to observe firsthand two days ago. Quote:

With the wound dressed and the patient stabilized, the Iraqi Police carried their wounded comrade down to an Iraqi Police patrol truck (ambulances are juicy targets for insurgents) and transport to Camp Fallujah Surgical. It’s likely that the Iraqi policeman will live…

“We have sick call hours usually about now (6 p.m.),” Doc explained to me. “We take care of everything from sniffles to ‘hey, my arm is missing.’ We usually get about three to four seriously wounded per week. The most was 12 in one week. That was crazy.”

They also treat the wounded insurgents trying to kill them.