Probably dead terrorist says he hasn't seen other probably dead terrorist

People get busy with work, with kids. Plus, Osama’s his son-in-law.

You know how it is.

Taliban chief Mullah Mohammad Omar has added to the mystery over Osama bin Laden, saying he hasn’t seen his ally and fellow fugitive since US-backed forces ousted the Taliban from Afghanistan in late 2001.

“No, I have neither seen him, nor have I made any effort to do so, but I pray for his health and safety,” Omar said in an e-mailed response to questions sent by Reuters.

The questions were relayed to Omar through his spokesman Mohammad Hanif, and a reply was received late on Wednesday…

Afghanistan says Omar is based in or around the southwest Pakistani city of Quetta, but Omar said he is in Afghanistan.

Apart from Zarqawi, it’s been an awfully along time since we bagged any big fish. Let’s hope Bush’s approval rating plunges another ten points and he’s moved to produce one from that super-secret federal pen the left’s just sure he’s holding them all in.