Pajamas Media: Iran's supreme leader dead

This is either going to be a two-ton feather in Pajamas’s cap or a major embarrassment. I have my fingers crossed for them. There’s not a word about it on Google News and Iranian dissidents have been known to exaggerate, but this report at AKI that seemed dubious to me when I first read it two days ago now seems … less so.

Iran’s top spiritual and political figure, Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei is seriously ill and will have to be replaced in the coming months as he is no longer capable of holding office, according to Assembly of Experts member Ayatollah Nasseri. The powerful clerical body appoints and oversees the country’s supreme leader.

“Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei is gravely ill – he can no longer see very well, has difficulty hearing, and is no longer able to properly perform his duties,” Nasseri told a women’s group.

Here he is voting on December 15th and out and about on Christmas eve. He doesn’t look stricken, but maybe he was going for a Willis Reed “playing in pain” thing. If he is dead, it’s probably the best time for him to go: Ahmadinejad’s influence in Iran is at ebb tide so the risk of his very own hand-picked Greg Stillson being chosen to replace Khamenei is as minimal as it’s going to get.

Reuel Marc Gerecht says to expect a U.S.-backed Israeli attack on Iran sometime within the next two years. How about attacking now instead, says Robert Tracinski. How about not, replies Moran. Winner by TKO: Slick Rick.

Update: See-Dubya notes that Moran embraces a “political settlement” as the best option for Iraq, which does indeed smack of Bakeritis. I didn’t notice that the first time through. Let’s call it Moran by decision, then, instead of TKO.