Mexican gunmen cross border, rout National Guard

Actually, I don’t know for sure that they were Mexican. All sorts of people steal across the Mexican border who aren’t native to that country. Just ask Mike McCaul.

Would “the goddamned fence” have helped here? It couldn’t have hurt. Nor could arming the National Guard or tasking them with something more ambitious than making pizza runs for the local border patrol unit.

No injuries, thank god, but if this was what it looks to be — a dry run — then that isn’t surprising. If Bush thinks he has problems with his base on immigration now, wait and see what happens next time when a few of these lowlifes spring an ambush and put a bullet in some Guardsman’s head. Henry Waxman will gain a constituency overnight that he’s scarcely dreamed of.

Everyone ready for Amnesty ’07? Then click the image to watch.


Update: Correction — the Guardsmen here were armed, as are all Guard units (supposedly) stationed at the border. But armed with what? What on earth were their assailants carrying that could have forced an armed Guard unit to retreat?