Congressional Black Caucus gives Jefferson a standing ovation

Identity politics knows nothing of $90,000 stashed in freezers.

On the same day that the 110th Democratic-led Congress convenes with a plan to immediately pass lobbyist and ethics reforms, the Congressional Black Caucus Thursday gave a standing ovation to Rep. William Jefferson, the Louisiana Democrat who faces an FBI probe into bribery allegations.

“The haters… and negative nabobs…the people who spoke against him couldn’t prevail against the people who spoke for him,” Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, master of ceremonies for the CBC’s celebratory event, said Thursday morning.

Actually, that standing O might have had nothing to do with Jefferson. I didn’t blog Conyers’s ethics scandal because there’s really no point in doing so: having passed over Alcee Hastings for Intel chair last month and stripped Jefferson of his seat on the Ways and Means Committee in June, ain’t no way no chance no how Pelosi is going to move against another black congressman in a leadership position. She alienated enough House members by opposing Hoyer that she can’t afford to antagonize the CBC now too. That round of applause for Dollar Bill might have been their way of showing solidarity just in case she’s thinking of booting Conyers.

Or, maybe they think it’s smart to make ostentatious shows of support for a guy facing serious corruption charges. Pelosi did it for Abscam Jack, didn’t she? Well, there you go.

Update: “The Democrats are back, and the C.B.C. is in the lead, in the lead!