Was Muqtada al-Sadr one of Saddam's executioners?

It seems not even the Counterterrorism Blog is safe from the panic of a slow news day.

The source is a Saudi paper. Of course they’d put the head Shiite goon at the scene of the “crime.” Plus, ask yourself: if al-Sadr had been there, would he have covered his face? Or rather, would he have stood between Saddam and the camera, sticking out his tongue and making the “I love you” gesture for his fans at home? He has his own army, his own MPs, and the enmity of the country’s Sunnis; he has no reason to hide and every reason to make his presence felt. Appearing on the Saddam snuff film would have earned him street cred with the Shiites stretching to eternity.

Judge for yourself. I see a lot of barbarians here but none are noticeably “big-boned.” The guy with the blurred face is, I believe, the attending imam.

Update: Check that — the guy who puts the black scarf around his neck is somewhat “voluptuous,” but I don’t see much of a beard peeking out from the mask.