Video flashback: Iraqi NSA "really proud" of how Saddam's execution was handled

I promised it to you this morning. Fast forward to 1:55 and drink it in, but not until you’ve read how he had a sudden change of heart this weekend — after the cellphone video was leaked. Click the image to watch.


Why does this matter? Because it’s typical of these morons that even at a moment of supreme justice, they’d find some way to infect it with savagery. Quoth Capt. Erik Peterson, currently stationed in Baghdad:

“I perceive the JAM to be like the Nazi Party,” says Peterson, drawing parallels between Germany in the years before World War II and Iraq today. Peterson sees the political figures loyal to Sadr deftly taking advantage of weaknesses in a nascent parliamentary system. Meanwhile, henchmen exert power on the streets through terror that comes with a brand name and a famous face. “You did have the Gestapo in there,” Peterson says of the Nazis. “And if I look at the JAM, that’s what they got going on right now.”

“JAM,” of course, stands for “Jaish al-Mahdi” — the Mahdi army, whose leader’s name was being chanted in the moments before the trap fell on Saddam. You’ve got one set of Nazis executing another. And the Iraqi government’s covering for them.

The White House might finally have decided to speak softly and carry a big stick. About time.