Obama: I used coke

Years ago:

In the book, Obama acknowledges that he used cocaine as a high school student but rejected heroin. “Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though,” he says.

In an interview during his Senate race two years ago, Obama said he admitted using drugs because he thought it was important for “young people who are already in circumstances that are far more difficult than mine to know that you can make mistakes and still recover.

Apparently Tom Maguire and I are the only two right-wing bloggers who aren’t ostentatiously indifferent to this. Tom doesn’t want kids using Obama as a role model for casual drug use; I’m less concerned about that than the fact that Obama seems to get political benefits from admitting to it. I don’t hold what he did against him — I couldn’t in good conscience, having voted for Bush despite his alcoholism and his rumored drug abuse as a younger man. But it’s one thing not to penalize someone who’s contrite and another to reward him for the transgression. E.g.,

Obama’s supporters said his admissions in the book could work to his advantage.

“I think it will be received as refreshing,” said Sen. Richard J. Durbin, Obama’s fellow Democrat from Illinois. “If you compare similar books, many of us in the political business tend to have selective memories.”

He’s more human this way, you see. More honest and “real.” Wait ’til Barbara Walters finally interviews him and he works up some tears. He could win 40 states.

Drugs are no laughing matter, people. Although they can be a giggling matter. Watch this educational film about spiders and you’ll see.