Heart-ache: Gitmo interrogator copped a squat over detainee's Koran

He didn’t actually pinch one off but the damage to the conservative soul is done.

Other interrogators wrapped one guy’s head in duct tape. And then they got nasty.

In a previously unreported allegation, one interrogator bragged to an FBI agent that he had forced a prisoner to listen to “Satanic black metal music for hours,” then dressed as a Catholic priest before “baptizing” him.

One agent reported being told that while questioning male captives, female interrogators would sometimes wet their hands and touch detainees’ faces in order to interrupt their prayers. Such actions would make some Muslims consider themselves unclean and unable to continue praying.

Exit question: Is death metal another tactic favored by “the Likud strategy”? I’m addressing that only to those of you with conservative souls. Christianists need not reply.

Update: Think these people will get off with a little faux-crapping on the Bible?

Ed Morrissey Jan 28, 2022 8:31 AM ET