Iraqis to videotape Saddam execution; Update: Saddam may not hang within 30 days?

I’ll do everything in my power to get it for you. Which is to say, I’ll do everything in Rusty Shackleford’s power.

They want it done by Eid, which means sometime in the next three days. Although according to one of Saddam’s lawyers, “The only person who can predict the execution of the president … is God and Bush.”

Meanwhile, in Baghdad, “[i]t is like an orchestra where everyone is playing a different song”:

The car parked outside was almost certainly a tool of the Sunni insurgency. It was pocked with bullet holes and bore fake license plates. The trunk had cases of unused sniper bullets and a notice to a Shiite family telling them to abandon their home.

“Otherwise, your rotten heads will be cut off,” the note read.

The soldiers who came upon the car in a Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad were part of a joint American and Iraqi patrol, and the Americans were ready to take action. The Iraqi commander, however, taking orders by cellphone from the office of a top Sunni politician, said to back off: the car’s owner was known and protected at a high level…

As it stands, the police and military answer to different ministries, and within the police force the bureaucracy is divided even further between the regular police and the national police. On top of that are about 145,000 armed men who work as protection detail for the Facilities Protection Services, with minimal oversight, according to United States military officials.

There are also thousands of Shiite militia members and Sunni insurgents posing as security forces.

Click through and check out the photo.

Update: Time has a dismal report about a Sunni “alamo” in the middle of Baghdad formed by families displaced by the Mahdi army. A full-fledged assault by the Shiites as they ethnically cleanse Baghdad is expected within the next few months.

Update: The Iraqi government can’t agree on anything else. Why should they agree on killing Saddam?

A deputy justice minister told Reuters his department would not carry out the sentence for at least a month. The chief court spokesman said there was a “misunderstanding” on the statute and said Saddam might not hang until February or later.

Only if Iraq’s three-man Presidency Council issues a decree ordering the execution sooner would the Justice Ministry execute the ousted leader before January 26, the court’s Raed Jouhi told Reuters. If there were no decree, he would be hanged any time after that, at a date to be set by the Justice Ministry…

Tribunal spokesman Jouhi said: “There are two options.

“In death sentences issued by our court, if there is a presidential decree within 30 days, then they can carry it out at any time. But if there is no decree, then after these 30 days it becomes obligatory in any case and it will be up to the Justice Ministry to decide when it wants to carry it out.”

The Kurds want to wait until his trial for genocide against them is over. The U.S. wants to wait in hopes of getting the Baathist insurgents to negotiate. Won’t they renege on any deal reached, though, once the execution does finally take place?