Video: Zawahiri asks, where's the jihad?

Well, if you believe the reports this morning, part of it’s being scraped off a road in Afghanistan. The Taliban says it’s a lie but the military sounds pretty sure.

Sorry it took me so long to get this, but the full video wasn’t released until yesterday. The Blotter characterized it as a sort of victory speech based on the first clips released to the media. For a guy who’s winning, though, he sure does seem unhappy. Most of what you’re about to see consists of whining about Muslims — Mahmoud Abbas, the “secularist traitor” who recognizes Israel; Hamas, an Islamist movement which nonetheless relies on democratic consent for its authority instead of shari’a; and ultimately the entire ummah, which supports jihad against Israel but by and large cooperates with America. “What religion is this?” he wonders. “What morality is this? What honor is this? Rather, what collapse is this?”

I’ve also included the segment where he addresses the Democrats and then urges both parties to negotiate with the “real powers” in the Islamic world to secure a safe withdrawal from Iraq, by which of course he means AQ and not Iran and Syria, per the Baker Commission’s recommendation.

The full transcript is at Laura Mansfield’s site. Thanks as always to Rusty for the clip. FYI, the occasional green flashes are an artifact of converting the file, not part of the original vid.