Another moron lights himself on fire

Wait ’til you see why. There’s some discrepany about what his sign said. According to the AP, “(expletive) the religious establishment and KHSD.” According to the local NBC affiliate, “Expletive religious freedom and the silent KHSD.” I’m guessing the AP’s right on this one.

And yes, it pains me to have to say that.

I think maybe the guy just wanted his own vanity website. Now help me figure something out: he apparently caught fire after dousing himself with what appeared to be gasoline or kerosene while standing next to a Christmas tree he’d set alight. The NBC affiliate says he burned for about 30 seconds. Here are the stills from their news video (with thanks to Verum Serum for the tip).





A little sooty, but note the perfect hair. He burned for 30 seconds?

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