Video: "The Star Wars Holiday Special"

The fact that the Transformers post got more comments than almost any other today tells me most of you have already checked out of the hard news with Christmas approaching. Fair enough. It’s almost here — we’ve got gay nativity scenes, homework assignments for nine-year-olds informing them that Santa doesn’t exist, and an honest to goodness virgin birth.

We’ve got this, too. I honestly didn’t know it was available online. Widely regarded as two of the worst hours of television ever aired in the United States, and after skimming through it, I can see why. It’s in two parts: the first is here but I recommend the second, both because of the Bea Arthur cameo and the magnificent stupidity of Harrison Ford conversing with a family of Wookiees. That starts at about 28 minutes in. Click the image below to watch.

And when you’re done, click here. It’ll keep you busy for days.