Video: "Open Season"; Update: Video banned from honors at YouTube?

Anti-jihad nu metal. I never thought I’d see the day.

The band is Stuck Mojo from Atlanta. The lyrics are here; the guitarist posted some thoughts about the song on his fan site. You will recognize, and appreciate, the sentiments.

Kind of goofy, kind of disturbing, kind of awesome. And profane in places, so here’s your content warning. Enjoy.

Update: Antipathy to anti-jihadism? At YouTube?

So What Happened?

Honestly? We don’t know. But it is clear that someone in an administrative position at YouTube does not like the message presented in the video. The best we can tell is that “Open Season” has been banned from appearing in any of the “Honors” categories and appearing on the lists. The simple fact is that the videos on these lists are highly visible. In essence, they receive extra promotion for being popular. Apparently, this does not sit well with them in Stuck Mojo’s case.