Marines in space!

“What do you want to be when you grow up, Billy? A soldier or an astronaut?”
“Both, dad. Both.

If this isn’t a video game yet, it will be.

If a group of Marine Corps visionaries have their way, … 30 years from now, Marines could touch down anywhere on the globe in less than two hours, without needing to negotiate passage through foreign airspace. The breathtaking efficiency of such a delivery system could change forever the way the U.S. does battle.

The proposal, part of the Corps’s push toward greater speed and flexibility, is called Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion, or Sustain. Using a suborbital transport—that is, a vehicle that flies into space to achieve high travel speeds but doesn’t actually enter orbit—the Corps will be able, in effect, to instantaneously deliver Marine squads anywhere on Earth.

They’re modeling the lander on SpaceShipOne.

It’s not clear how the Marines would get out once the mission was complete or how this’ll work when, not if, countries raise their airspace another 50 to 100 miles or how expensive it’s going to be, or or or…

But never mind all that. Look at the illustrations. It’s Halo 2!