Video: Rosie apologizes for "ching chong"; Update: Apology not accepted

I half-expected her to say “so solly.” As it is, we’ll have to be content with her momentarily confusing Japanese with Chinese. Oh, and mocking Norwegians.

Too bad I couldn’t include the intro, which involved Hasselbeck talking about her “cycle.”

Update: It’s never enough.

Karen Lincoln Michel, president-elect of Unity: Journalists of Color Inc., said O’Donnell’s remarks “really didn’t sound like an apology to me.”

Lincoln Michel said Unity was waiting for Barbara Walters, who created the show, to respond to a letter asking her to publicly acknowledge that O’Donnell’s remarks were “patently offensive.”

“I think by allowing Rosie O’Donnell’s cheap jabs at Chinese Americans to go unchecked, then the network is essentially condoning racial and ethnic slurs,” Lincoln Michel told the AP in a phone interview.