Video: RIP, Maj. Megan McClung

Thanks much to Ken Noland of DVIDS, the public affair arm of the Third Army and Centcom, for pointing us to this. Many of you will know her name from her correspondence with Patterico in late November about the airstrike-that-wasn’t in Ramadi. Two weeks later, on December 6th, she was killed by an IED along with Army specialist Vincent Pomante and Capt. Travis Patriquin, whose name should also be familiar. Michael Fumento knew her and Patriquin and wrote about them, memorably, here.

McClung’s father has since left a few comments at Patterico’s site. I’ll leave you with this:

We know that Megan died doing just what she wanted to do and we supported her all the way. It is a shame that I cannot share all of the tributes with each of you, but if I could, you would realize very quickly what a wonderful person Megan was. Her credo as a PAO was: “Be Bold, Be Brief, Be Gone!” She lived her credo to the end.

The highest-ranking female officer killed in Iraq. Rest in peace.