Video: "Joy to the World," sexified

I’m distinctly not outraged but the American Family Association is. Some of you probably will be too. Via a reader:

CBS and actor Charlie Sheen have used the Christmas season to ridicule and mock Christ, Christmas and Christians. CBS approved actor Charlie Sheen’s vulgar adaptation of a favorite Christian Christmas carol. On the December 11 program, the network included in their Two and a Half Men an episode featuring Sheen singing about his sexual activity to the tune of the traditional Christmas hymn “Joy to the World.”

Here’s the clip. It’s obviously less a case of someone trying to mock Christians than paying no heed to the nature of the season. Secularized holiday, secularized carols. Even the ones that are overtly religious.

Save your outrage for Jim Bakker’s kid wondering why Christians would prefer the cold embrace of Republicanism to joining hands with people who regard them as primitive, superstitious morons with a secret agenda to “control women’s bodies” because they don’t genuflect at the altar of choice.

Update: Apparently, not only is this an affront to Christianity, it’s a manifestation of Hollywood’s true religion: “sexual anarchy.”