Jamilgate: Michelle heading to Baghdad? Update: Flopping Aces smells a set up

Man, Eason Jordan hit the ground running, didn’t he?

I don’t know if he meant his offer sincerely or if it was a gambit to expose her as a keyboard warrior unwilling to take the risks she expects from the AP.

If so, he forgot to factor in one thing.

Update: If you don’t know who Eason Jordan is, Captain Ed’s got a useful primer. He and righty bloggers go waaay back.

Update: Up goes the ante: Bob Owens says Michael Yon may get in on this action, too.

Update: Curt thinks this could be a scam designed to humiliate the blogosphere. I’m skeptical, but his point about Jordan’s ethics is well taken.

I worry, as others have, that this may be a set-up of some kind. Think about it. Eason Jordon should have a easy time of finding Jamil Hussein since the AP has said they have been talked to him for over two years. I have blogged many times that there may indeed be a man named Jamil Hussein but my argument has always been he is a fraud. It has already been confirmed that he is NOT employed by the Iraqi government so why would we go skipping around Iraq in search of someone the AP could supposedly produce in a heartbeat?

Picture this, we are tooling around Baghdad and then Eason say’s “AH-HA!” There he is. Jamil produces a fake police ID badge and then asks us to comment. When we say that we would like him to come with us to the Ministry of Interior and have the MoI verify he is indeed a employee Mr. Jordan would spin it as “big time journalist (Michelle obviously, not me) refusing to accept proof that Jamil is real.” His story would be “Jamil found” and thats how it will be filed across the land.