Video: David Duke calls Wolf Blitzer a Jewish extremist

Never a dull moment in the Situation Room. Here’s the former Imperial Wizard and analingus expert, live from Tehran, trying hard to distinguish between Jews and Zionists and not succeeding. At one point, in fact, he actually starts to say “Jewish” before catching himself and switching to the more palatable progressive adjective. Nor will his criticisms of the war sound unfamiliar, except perhaps for the flourish about the “Jewish wedding.”

The agenda from the conference is here, by the way. The Simon Wiesenthal Center has called on Arabs to come forward and denounce it, but the chances of that are slim. The transcript and audio of Duke’s speech are posted at his website. Find it yourself if you’re curious.

John Bolton and Alan Dershowitz will announce tomorrow that they’re suing Ahmadinejad in the Hague for inciting genocide. God only knows what kind of approval-rating boost he’ll get from that.