Rahm Emanuel likely knew of Foley e-mail in 2005

I already mentioned that the House Ethics Committee report claimed the DCCC had copies of the “send me a picture of you” e-mail last fall. What I didn’t mention is that Rahm Emanuel was DCCC chair at the time, that the e-mail landed in the hands of one of his top aides, and that he nevertheless went on Stephanopoulos’s show two months ago and did a bit of Clintonian verbal hair-splitting about it that would have made his old boss blush. Newsbusters has a great rundown. “Were you aware?” “Nobody saw the e-mail.” “But were you aware?” “Nobody saw it.” Etc etc.

No less a personage than Glenn Ellensburg Ellison is ripping Emanuel a new one this morning and earning plaudits from Captain Ed and A.J. Strata for doing so. Well and good, but let’s not kid ourselves — Greenwald isn’t exactly typing through tears here, Emanuel having been on the nutroots hit list for awhile now thanks to his moderate leanings. If he were to turn around tomorrow and introduce articles of impeachment against Bush, you’d see the distinction between having “seen” an e-mail and having been “aware” of it suddenly become a lot clearer and more significant to an awful lot of people.