Video: The Sudanese Wafa Sultan

Two good ones from MEMRI this morning. The other, in which an Iranian film critic deconstructs American sci-fi and discovers Islamophobia (ironically), is more fun. Quote:

In some cases, the message was so tangible that the viewer himself might unconsciously reach the conclusion that the prehistoric monster might be the embodiment of Islam, and that the monster underwent metamorphosis in modern times, and now threatens the very foundations of modernity.

These monsters would typically break free of the control of the normative system, and would behave in a very destructive manner. Whenever the monster would assume a more complex form, such as in Alien, it would break out of ancient eggs, which were released all over the galaxy several millennia ago. It would attack the American astronauts in the head, penetrate their minds, and nest within their bellies, and from there it would break out. During this painful delivery, it would kill the host who was contaminated by it. It was highly contagious, and would spread from one person to another. Some of these monsters had green blood, as a symbol [of Islam]. Sometimes, even this green blood itself was dangerous.

This clip’s more significant, though, so it gets the screenshot. She never quite reaches a Sultanesque boil, but the truth-to-power quotient is sky high. Click the image to watch.