Video: Russert nearly soils himself over the Baker report

He’s even giddier than Syria is, albeit not by much.

Spruiell has the clip. Don’t rely on the transcript; it doesn’t do him justice. SS thinks his enthusiasm is attributable to the media’s fetish for consensus, whereby each side sends its most geriatric wonks up on the mountaintop later to descend with a third-way, compromise Truth. True enough, although I think the spectacle of Bush’s policies being repudiated on a very public stage might have had something to do with it too. As Lileks said,

The Bush doctrine has been dead for some time, but this was the funeral oration. I don’t believe in “rope-a-dope,” and I don’t believe in the miraculous Israeli strike, and I don’t think the momentum can be reversed. It’s as if we invaded France and spent three years getting their government back on their feet before proceeding to Berlin.

The clip’s useful too as an illustration of how liberals convince themselves the media is right-wing. The nutroots hates the Baker report as much as we do because it doesn’t call for immediate surrender in the form of rapid withdrawal. Russert, however, can barely contain himself over its assessment of the “very difficult straits” we’re in and “how bleak the assessment is.” He’s satisfied with a report that calls for mere gradual surrender! Wingnut.

He also calls it a “wake-up call,” an alarm that’s at long last being sounded. I don’t know. From where I’m sitting, it looks like something else.