Video: NYC councilman calls for violence against cops

It’s Charles Barron, former Black Panther “and still a Black Panther” per his intro, milking the murder of Sean Bell with both hands. As he’s been doing for weeks now.

It’s hard to pick a lowlight here. Is it Barron calling black cops “house negroes”? Or is it this?

We need to let the system know that they need to fear us. They have no fear for us. And once you put the fear into some people’s hearts, whether is politically, economically, or physically, they will leave you alone…

[I]f we don’t get justice in this case, don’t ask us to demonstrate again. If we don’t get justice in this case, don’t tell us to be cool, to be calm. We need to get hot!

Actually, it’s neither. The lowlight comes at the end.

The footage was shot by Flip Pidot, who’s got the full rundown and a complete transcript at the link for your non-enjoyment.