It's a go: Iran's Holocaust conference set for Monday

Sixty years later, we’re finally going to get to the bottom of all the rumors.

Iran will host an international conference next week on the Holocaust, with the central question being whether or not it actually took place. At the conclusion of the conference, the Iranians will decide on the answer…

If Iran is indeed convinced that the Holocaust took place, the next question will be how many Jews were murdered and why the Palestinians need to suffer because of an event that took place in Europe 60 years ago.

It’ll last two days with more than 60 “experts” set to testify. Not since the last John Conyers mock impeachment hearing has there been a trial this suspenseful.

Persian Journal calls it a “‘how to hate Jews’ seminar.” Exactly. The hate’s already there; it’s all about the how. Iran’s going to slap a coat of technical and historical “expertise” on it to validate it intellectually, like the Nazis measuring people’s heads with calipers to prove their theories about the master race. If the Holocaust is history’s biggest lie then the Jews are history’s biggest liars and the entire raison d’etre for Israel as a safe haven for world Jewry is bogus. And how can you make peace with a state that’s bogus? Anti-Zionism: it’s not just a religious duty, it’s science. Or it will be, soon, for millions of Muslims.

Keep your eye on the Saudis as this plays out. This crap would be catnip to them normally, but they’re worried about Iran’s growing prestige and might not want to applaud too enthusiastically.