Confirmed: Lindsay Lohan's barely literate

It’s like when someone goes missing, isn’t seen for years, and ends presumed dead, and then one day the body turns up. Everyone pretty much knows what the situation is, but no one’s willing to give up hope until there’s some hard evidence.

Well, the body’s turned up.

I must say, it’s nice to have closure.

The 20-year-old actress, who scored a part in Altman’s last movie, A Prairie Home Companion, made the interesting decision to go public with a condolence letter she wrote to the Altman family in the wake of his death from cancer last week. The passion was certainly there – she, like many dozens of actors before her, clearly adored the experience of working in Altman’s characteristic freeform style – but the letter was also spectacular in its incoherence and disregard of basic grammar and spelling.

“I am lucky enough to of been able to work with Robert Altman amongst the other greats on a film that I can genuinely say created a turning point in my career,” she began, less than certainly. “He was the closest thing to my father and grandfather that I really do believe I’ve had in several years… He left us with a legend that all of us have the ability to do.” A little lower down, she fell into improv philosophy, apparently riffing on the notion that life is too short to waste: “Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourselves’ (12st book) – everytime there’s a triumph in the world a million souls hafta be trampled on. – altman Its true. But treasure each triumph as they come.” And she signed off, “Be adequite. Lindsay Lohan.”

That just so happens to be my daily affirmation. Same spelling, too. I think I managed it today, barely.

Full text of Lindsay’s letter right here. Have an adequite night, my friends.