Audio: Orson Scott Card on lefty fanatics and the coming American civil war

You like that headline, eh?

Glenn might know how to produce these podcasts. But I know how to sell ’em.

Here’s his and Dr. Helen’s latest featuring “Ender’s Game” author Card, who was last seen around these parts equating the Democrats’ electoral victory with American defeat. His latest book, “Empire,” imagines a blue state/red state conflict set in 2008. He tells the Reynoldses that yes, in fact, it could happen here, which, while strictly true, is an idea I find to be a tad, er, “eccentric.” He does think it’s unlikely, though, and that we’re probably just in for a worldwide economic depression instead.

Listen here. If you’re pressed for time, skip ahead to about 7:30 and just groove on those vibes for about ten minutes or so. Rarely, if ever, has red meat been this red.