Video: Barney Frank accuses Chris Wallace of bias on Fox News Sunday

This makes three Democrats who have used Fox’s air time to complain about Fox since Clinton had his meltdown a few months ago: Barbara Boxer, Dean-o (on election night, I believe), and now Frank.

Mr. Frank said the questions were “appropriate” but misleading because of an introduction in which Mr. Wallace said the interview would inform viewers about what the Democratic chairmen planned to do with their new majority. “It was misleading advertising,” the congressman said.

O’Reilly said today on his radio show that sources tell him that the DNC is putting people up to this.

In fairness to Frank, Wallace’s opening question was weak. It’s fair game to ask whether the Dems feel beholden to the nutroots, but it’s not something you lead with. On the other hand, the stuff about the draft and Alcee Hastings is all over the papers; he’d have been a fool not to ask that upfront, and Frank knows that but he baited him anyway. If he doesn’t like the fact that those subjects are newsworthy at the moment, let him take it up with Pelosi.

Here are the questions CW asked in the first few minutes followed by BF’s admonishment. Judge for yourself. FYI, the New York Sun and NYC’s CBS affiliate picked up Rangel’s comments about the troops, but I think the storm has otherwise passed. Although I’ll bet you Brit Hume picks it up for “Grapevine” tonight. Any takers?