Centcom: AP wrongly blamed us for jihadi attack on civilians

The victims said American troops gunned down a group of Iraqis, American troops say otherwise.

Curt’s having a good day, huh?

Sir –

Reference the clarification requested on the story by AP below.

Anti-Iraqi Forces opened fire, targeting civilians in the al-Husseiniya area. 10 civilians were killed and six wounded at 11 p.m. Nov. 26. The incident was reported by the Iraqi Police through the Joint National Operations Center (a civilian matter relayed to the Coalition for tracking purposes). There was no Coalition involvement.

That makes three suspect incidents in the past four days, starting with Patterico’s post about the phony airstrike on Friday, then Curt’s expose of the fake police captain this morning, and now this. Yet the only one of the three where the body count is in (substantial) dispute is the second one, which had to do with the six Sunnis supposedly set on fire by Shiites whom no one seems to have heard of.

Kind of dampens the celebration.

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Update: Samir Yacoub, the AP reporter responsible for the latest smear job, was apparently on the scene when American contractors were hung from the bridge in Fallujah in 2004.