Time: Iran managing Hezbollah on the ground in Lebanon

Quite a scoop. Next thing you know they’ll be blaming Syria for Pierre Gemayel’s assassination.

Iran is smuggling weapons through Syria to re-arm Lebanese allies Hizballah, despite renewed efforts by United Nations peacekeepers and the Lebanese army to seal off the mountain borders with Syria in the wake of last summer’s war between the Shi’ite militia and Israel, according to reports by Saudi and Israeli intelligence sources that have been confirmed by western diplomats in Beirut…

Over the past three months, according to a knowledgeable Saudi source, Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers have been operating out of a military base on the outskirts of Damascus. The Iranian government has dispatched shipments of small arms and what appear to be missile components to this military base, according to the source. From the secret base, weapons have been shipped by truck across the border into Lebanon.

How aggressive are they? Diplomats in Beirut tell Time they believe Hezbollah has almost fully replenished its pre-war inventory of 20,000 rockets, which jibes with what Israeli intelligence is hearing. But here’s the real bombshell, assuming it’s true:

Moreover, Obaid says, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) are using the Iranian embassies in Damascus and Beirut as command and control centers — an allegation that was also confirmed to TIME by Israeli military sources. Obaid says there appear to be direct communications links between the Iranians and Hizballah, via Hizballah officers working inside the Iranian embassy in Beirut, and Iranian officers in the field with Hizballah fighters; in the past, some Middle East analysts have rejected the popular notion that Hizballah takes direct orders from Iran.

That’s not the first time Nasrallah has been linked to the Iranian embassy in Beirut.

Hezbollah says it hopes to bring down the Lebanese government within the next month.