Tancredo: Bush planning to integrate U.S. into borderless North American superstate

Update: In his haste to accuse Michelle of having become a “caricature of herself,” Michael Illions neglected to check the byline on this post. She didn’t write it. I did. — AP

Oh lord.

“People have to understand what we’re talking about here. The president of the United States is an internationalist,” said Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. “He is going to do what he can to create a place where the idea of America is just that – it’s an idea. It’s not an actual place defined by borders. I mean this is where this guy is really going.”

Tancredo lashed out at the White House’s lack of action in securing U.S. borders, and said efforts to merge the U.S. with both Mexico and Canada is not a fantasy.

“I know this is dramatic – or maybe somebody would say overly dramatic – but I’m telling you, that everything I see leads me to believe that this whole idea of the North American Union, it’s not something that just is written about by right-wing fringe kooks. It is something in the head of the president of the United States, the president of Mexico, I think the prime minister of Canada buys into it…”

We get e-mails from those people all the time. We … do not publish them.

I’d hoped never to have to serenade TT with our official conspiracy-theory theme song. But I fear the hour has arrived.

Update: Captain Ed activates the ‘bat signal:

This is absurd. George Bush may not have responded very well to immigration concerns from his base, but he’s done more than his father, Bill Clinton, and even Ronald Reagan in bolstering border security. Tancredo is engaging in mindless demagoguery with these doomsday descriptions, and moving closer to the realms of paranoia.

The immigration problem needs attention. It doesn’t need more conspiracy theories about supposed New World Orders. Tancredo should know better than to fan these flames just to garner attention to the issue of immigration, but apparently he’s most concerned about attracting attention to himself.

Update: Hot Air commenters (most of them) agree: Tancredo’s a prophet whose only crime is seeing too clearly the nefarious machinations towards one-world government that are happening under our very noses!