Breaking: Fox cancels O.J. book, interview

Just across on FNC.

Update: They should air this in the timeslot instead:

A shameless O.J. Simpson admitted in a 2004 videotaped conversation that he’d do or say anything to make a buck.

“If it’s something for me to promote, I’d go on Geraldo’s show. I don’t give a f- – -,” the disgraced gridiron great boasts in a documentary interview that has never aired.

“Just as long as you’re talkin’ about me and helping me make some money – ha ha ha!”

Update: The Goldman family’s O.J. petition received 45,000+ signatures in four days.

Update: Nice to see bottom-feeder Judith Regan embarrassed here, too. Unfortunately, the Juice is probably still going to get paid.

Update: You can thank the affiliates who pulled out over the weekend:

Historically, affiliates topple like dominoes after the first bows out, and the decision by Pappas and Lin broadcasting over the weekend leave the fate of the Nov. 27 and 29 special, dubbed by one critic as “the most despicable sweeps-month stunt in history,” up in the air.