Video: Rangel says he'll introduce a bill to bring back the draft

Say it with me: permanent. Democratic. majority.

He floats this idea periodically when his side needs a little boost. The last time he really pushed it was before the election in 2004, when the left tried to scare voters into Waffles’s camp by whispering about a secret Republican plan to restart the draft after Bush won. The GOP called his bluff by bringing the bill to the House floor for a vote, where it failed, 402-2. Among the nays? Charlie Rangel. (Among the yeas: Jack Murtha.)

With talk now of Bush sending 20,000 more troops to Iraq and Zinni and Batiste telling the Times that withdrawal would be disastrous, doves need to recapture the momentum. Enter the draft bill, which is doomed to fail but at least gives the media a few weeks of material with which to dissuade anyone leaning towards redoubling our efforts to win this thing.