Video: Gillermania IV -- Gillerman Takes Manhattan

It’s been awhile. Gillermania III debuted on July 29th, which in blog-time is about the same lag between sequels as “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” and the one coming out next year.

The topic is the UN resolution drafted by Qatar and championed by France that “deeply deplore[d]” the accidental Israeli shelling of an apartment building in Beit Hanoun that killed 19 people. Bolton vetoed an earlier draft when it came before the Security Council but the General Assembly passed it late Friday afternoon as a symbolic, non-binding rebuke. Language was apparently inserted at the last minute, merely as an afterthought, calling on the Palestinians to halt the firing of Qassams into Israel.

Voting no on the measure: the United States, Israel, Australia, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau. Canada abstained.

Gillermania was especially outraged at the French role in all this:

Gillerman is of the opinion that “what spurred the French were tensions in Lebanon. The French expressed at the UN their chagrin at Israel for the overflights of Israel Air Force jets near French army positions in southern Lebanon, which they believe jeopardized their troops.”

On Sunday morning Gillerman told Israel Radio: “If the French feel under attack then I think it would be a classic case depicted by the childhood phrase ‘the thief’s hat is on fire’ (meaning the culprit’s guilt is clear to all).”…

“Anyone who saw the French ambassador leaning over the shoulder of the Palestinian envoy during my speech realizes this is more than a reasonable effort to try pass this resolution and to force other European countries to join in on the effort,” Gillerman said.

UN cameras captured it for posterity:


Here are highlights from his speech to the Assembly on Friday; the contempt drips from every word, especially when he addresses the French towards the end. You can watch the full clip at the UN website. Click here and fast forward to 50:00. It’s well worth 15 minutes of your time.