Video: The obligatory UCLA/taser post; Update: Alleged eyewitness: He was asking for it

Patterico has background. There’s some dispute about whether they tased (tasered?) him because he was inciting other students or because he was lying on the floor and wouldn’t budge. I thought cops were supposed to use tasers to repel physical attacks, though, not to subdue nonviolent (albeit loud and obnoxious) resisters. The campus newspaper says he was hit at least four times, yet there’s not a single account I’ve seen that alleges he made a move on them.

He’s already lawyered up — make sure to read Patterico’s post for background on that, too — and will attend a news conference this afternoon at 2 p.m. ET to discuss his police brutality suit. Check out this convergence; MEChA and ANSWER and CAIR, oh my!

The student was scheduled to attend the 11 a.m. news conference, along with representatives from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Amnesty International, the Muslim Student Association-UCLA, ANSWER, Iranian Student Group, Student Activists Project, Progressive Jewish Student Alliance, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, African Student Union, Samahang Pilipina, Asian Pacific Coalition and others.

FYI, the video doesn’t show much. It’s the audio that’s key. There’s profanity, so exercise caution if you’re at work.

Update: For what it’s worth, if it’s worth anything, here’s what some guy who claims to have been in the library at the time has to say:

Yes, I was indeed at Powell Library at approximately 11:30 on Tuesday night, and yes I did see the entire event as it went down.

Let me start off by saying that the guy DEFINITELY was asking to get his ass kicked. He was being extremely rude with the campus patrol guys (who are college students…this was before the real UCPD got called in). He was not complying with their requests to leave the premises, and he was definitely itching for a fight. I actually know the guy and a few of his friends, and I can tell you that he’s the kind of guy that loves to make trouble.

Just as a little backstory, one of the quotes the guy has on his facebook (which he now has taken down) was “I like to find the most difficult solutions to the simplest of problems”.

He definitely taunted the UCPD into behaving the way they did with him.

Edit: Many people have questioned the fact that the cops tazed him and asked him to get up, and tazed him again even though he shouldn’t have the capability to get up. This was not the case here to my knowledge, because the cops were using their “drive-stun” method which administers less of a jolt than normal. I believe this because anyone who can ramble on about this being the patriot act and yell at the top of his lungs should have the capability of getting up.

And later:

[H]e just said he was leaving to add fire to the scene. The guy wasn’t going anywhere until he got tazered. It was a bait tactic on the part of tazer-boy. When the cops initially asked him to leave he was limp like a drunk’s dick.

I don’t think this changes the equation.

Update: Reader Enoxo recommends this demonstration as evidence that suspects who have been tasered can’t move — unlike the UCLA student, who was merely “drive-stunned” and could.