Audio: Tinpot demagogue jokes about knifing O'Reilly in the hamstring

OlbyWatch has it. Between Johnny Dollar’s comments, Robert Cox’s open letter, the boss’s latest, and today’s Vent, there isn’t much left to say. Except this: Olby’s apology reminds me a lot of the L.A. Times bringing the hammer down on Michael Hiltzik for sock puppetry insofar as it uses contrition for a lesser sin as cover for a greater one. Patterico explained it this way:

So Cathy Seipp says that L.A. Times editors are searching Hiltzik’s work for past evidence of dishonesty…

Dishonest? You bet — in the same way that Hiltzik has been intellectually dishonest in many of his debates with me. But somehow I don’t think that’s what Times editors are looking for. If they find a third pseudonym — if he posted comments somewhere as “Mikeysushi” — well, under The Times’s odd standards, that could end his career. But “improving” the facts to suit a liberal agenda? Standard operating procedure!

Precisely. They made a showy example of minor misconduct so that they wouldn’t have to address the big problem, just like Olby did yesterday. Moron though he be, he can’t seriously believe that an obvious joke about attacking Bill O’Reilly is more likely to incite violence than his nightly hysteria about creeping fascism — occasionally replete with Nazi newsreel footage — for the benefit of a nutroots audience that’s even more excitable than he is. He’s lucky, in a sense, that his viewership is so tiny: the bigger it gets, the greater the chance that his logic in holding commentators accountable for what their craziest fans do is going to rebound on him in a big way.

Just something to reflect upon as we await the next outbreak of right-wing hate.


Update: Even (some) liberals think OlbyWatch has the better of the argument.