Breaking: Trent Lott elected Senate minority whip

Just across on Hotline. CNN says the margin was one vote over Lamar Alexander.

Suspect on racial issues and pork-friendly. Just the right man to help remake the party. Between this and Mel Martinez, we’re really on a roll.

All that’s left is get to Boehner and Blunt back in charge in the House.

Formal announcement is coming soon. Mitch McConnell supposedly has been elected minority leader, which is no surprise.

Update: Memory lane via John Miller at the Corner.

Update: What about House minority whip? Slim pickings, says WashTimes:

The current whip — Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, who hopes to retain the position — has talked about the need for “cultural change in Washington,” but is an old ally of ousted leader Tom DeLay. It didn’t help that he attended a fundraising golf tournament last weekend, just days after his party lost 30 seats amid charges of corruption…

Challenging Mr. Blunt is Rep. John Shadegg of Arizona, a conservative who lost his bid earlier this year for majority leader.

“He was one of the guys who got here in the ’94 Republican revolution and didn’t go native,” said Rep. Paul D. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, who supports Mr. Shadegg.

But others say Mr. Shadegg is uninspiring and aloof. Many have settled on Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, Mr. Blunt’s chief deputy whip, who actively supports Mr. Blunt’s re-election.

“Everybody is asking why Cantor is not running,” said one Republican staffer who requested anonymity to speak freely about the leadership race.

Update: Speaking of Martinez, here’s a little gratuitous Tancredo for you:

Another leading critic of Bush’s stance on immigration, Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, offered tepid support for Martinez.

Tancredo called the senator a “competent spokesman for our party,” but added that if he “rejects the will of rank-and-file Republicans and uses the position to advocate for things like the president’s amnesty proposal, then I believe the party could be headed for another shellacking at the polls in 2008.”

Update: Jonathan Martin at NRO says Martinez’s appointment makes more sense in light of Lott’s election. More sense than Michael Steele’s?

Update: Barnett: “If there’s one message that the electorate sent the Republican Party last week, it’s that we hadn’t given them enough of Trent Lott.”