ABC News: Abramoff implicates Reid

A former head of the Nevada state gaming commission who’s been previously linked to shady land deals, now accused of corruption? Who could have guessed?

Oh, right. Everyone.

As convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff reported to federal prison today, a source close to the investigation surrounding his activities told ABC News that Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was one of the members of Congress Abramoff had allegedly implicated in his cooperation with federal prosecutors…

A source close to the investigation says Abramoff told prosecutors that more than $30,000 in campaign contributions to Reid from Abramoff’s clients “were no accident and were in fact requested by Reid.”…

The Associated Press reported earlier this year that Reid wrote at least four letters helpful to the tribes that had contributed money to his campaign…

The AP also reported that Abramoff’s billing records showed extensive contact with Reid’s office over a three-year period in which Reid collected more than $68,000 from Abramoff’s firm, partners and clients.

Reid’s spokesman denies it. According to the Blotter, “an ever larger number of Republican members of Congress,” including outgoing loose-cannon Conrad “Secret Plan” Burns, have also been implicated. Could Trent Lott and Mel Martinez be among them? Hope springs eternal!

Exit question: will panicky Dems, fearful of the “culture of corruption” meme blowing up in their faces, opt now for Hoyer in tomorrow’s House election? The last thing they’d want to do is elect Murtha on a day when questions about Reid’s ethics are plastered on page A1 C35.

Update: Follow the comments to the Blotter’s post.

Update: “Hey, where you going, guys? …Guys?”