Video: Ryan Sager on evangelicals versus libertarians Updated

From Saturday’s Heartland with John Kasich. He was on to discuss his new book and the prospects of keeping the Republican alliance together. Will we implode before the Democrats do? If so, do I leave the party or does Bryan? And will Michelle keep us both on at Hot Air, or does one of us get a pink slip and a kick to the, um…

Update (Bryan): How about we compromise and kick Sager out? He’s the one who has spent the past four years or so trying to purge the GOP of all Christians and everyone else who doesn’t agree with his pretty narrow libertarianism.

Update (Bryan): Ali Bubba has some salient words for Ryan Sager and anyone who would listen to him:

Sager’s arguments — except so far as they reflect the general Republican consensus on such matters as corruption and out-of-control spending — are divisive and harmful to the GOP. There is nothing to be gained for the Republican Party by listening to Sager’s attacks on evangelical Christians, social conservatives and Southerners. Get new leaders, recruit new candidates, and watch like hawks for opportunities to capitalize on the predictable blunders of liberal Democrats.

Fix that mojo. Everything else is just noise.

Read the whole thing. And ignore 99% of what Sager says and writes. He’s a Kevin Phillips in the making.