Abramoff fingers 6 to 8 "seriously corrupt" Democratic senators; Update: WaPo opposes Murtha

Plus Rove, which at this point is almost a bonus.

I like this comment left at the Blotter:

Nancy Pelosi stated she was going to “drain the swamp” I have news for her. When you start draining the water, you are going to find things in the mud that you thought were long discarded.

Oh man. This + Murtha as leader = best. majority. ever.

Place your bets — who are the six to eight? Reid is a given.

Update: This is no way to run a clean hands campaign says WaPo to Pelosi.

Update: Slublog comes through with a blast from Pelosi’s very recent past:

It is long past time for the Republican Congress to take the necessary steps to restore a high ethical standard in Congress and put the Ethics Committee back to work to investigate any misconduct of Members, including those involved with Jack Abramoff. The American people deserve nothing less.

Update: Which Democratic senator has received more of Abramoff’s largesse than any other? Guess.

Update: All of Rob Port’s chips are on Byron Dorgan.

Update: There’s no doubt Reid’s one of the lucky six (or eight), says Captain Ed. And he’s got a laundry list of reasons why he thinks so.