Video: Michelle gets bleeped on O'Reilly

If nothing else good comes of this, at least it means I can now safely use the word “balls” on this blog.

Because let me tell you — I’ve been dying to.

Here’s the boss welcoming our new Democratic overlords and reacting to the prospect of Hillarycare, take two. E.M. thinks there’s nothing to fear:

Most people blame the 1994 turnover at least partly, if not mostly, on the universal health care plan that Hillary presented to the Congress in 1993. Voters may want a change in health care, but they’d be just as happy with tort reform, a patient’s bill of rights, and C-Span-covered drug manufacturer testimony. They don’t want the government dictating the quality of their health care any more than they want the HMO dictating the quality of their health care, and since most people have visited the Post Office and/or the DMV, chances are, they know the government option is not only slower and less competent, but far more likely to kill you up front and as questions later.

The Republican minority that helped defeat Hillarycare in ’93 was hungry for power and committed to conservative principles, as the Contract With America would shortly prove. The Republican minority of ’06 is exhausted, compromised, and all too comfortable with government bloat. If they’re the last line of defense against socialized medicine, then I dare say we should prepare ourselves for a heavy blow.

To the balls.

Update: Speaking of which.