Breaking: Mel Martinez to replace Ken Mehlman as RNC chairman

Just across at CNN. Looking for details. Standby.

Update: Presumably this means he’s leaving the Senate and Florida Gov.-elect Charlie Crist will appoint his replacement. If so, that’s all to the good: Martinez has been a disaster on immigration. Kyl’s prospects for a filibuster just increased by one vote, assuming Crist chooses wisely.

Update: I figured it was too good to be true. He’s accepted the position — but he’s not leaving the Senate.

Under the arrangement, Martinez will remain in office and serve as the party’s lead spokesman as well as take a major role in fundraising and political outreach, while RNC General Counsel Robert (Mike) Duncan will oversee the committee’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Update: As for the DNC, get used to Dean-o. Harold Ford says he’s not interested.

Update: Hot Air commenters agree: it’s an awful pick, transparently aimed at appealing to pro-amnesty Hispanic voters. If the GOP goes ahead and puts Boehner and Blunt back in place in the minority leadership, you’re looking at a very dire electoral situation in 2008.

Update: Via reader Enoxo, I think Darth Vader speaks for all of us.

Update: The boss says nooooooooooo…