StopSexPredators blogger: Foley hit on me ten years ago

So he claims in an interview with the LA Times. What’s more, the paper asserts, he had “no idea” he’d help bring down a congressman when he published the e-mails on his site — in late September. Fully two months after he’d given copies of them to the Times, which had declined to publish them.

Here’s what he wrote in the very first Foley post, dated September 24th. Emphasis mine:

This is absolutely amazing. I just received these emails. They were sent by Congressman Mark Foley to a 16-year-old male page. I have removed his name to protect his identity. But how shocking is this? I can’t believe this was emailed to me? There must be even more out there.

And here’s what he wrote exactly a month earlier — which was at least a month after he’d first gotten the e-mails and talked to friends who claimed they’d been hit on by Foley too — to describe his supposed awakening to the problem. The faux shock is simply delightful:


HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS!!! On a whim, I googled “Congressional sex scandals.” WHOA!!! You hear stories about ‘things’ that happen along the gilded halls of power in Washington. But I was shocked to see how much of it goes on the record! From a Washington Post article, here are five…yes, FIVE members of Congress who had incredibly inapproriate relationships with minors. What’s worse is that some continued to serve in Congress and one of them is still in office!!!! How much more of this is going on??

Question: if the point was to stop Foley from preying on kids, why not say that in the very first post? “I cannot remain silent. I have credible evidence that Rep. Mark Foley is abusing his power to harm children. I’ve contacted several major media outlets and provided them with the evidence, but thus far they’ve refused to act. I can’t sit by while child abuse might be taking place so I’m publishing these e-mails in hopes of forcing an intervention.” Why not just write that? Why the subterfuge? And why, if he was content not to say anything while the Times investigated Foley, was he suddenly not content in late September?

I guess we’ll never know. Oh, also, turns out he’s been volunteering for Democratic campaigns since he was in high school. And can you guess where he was and what he was doing on Tuesday night? I think you can.