Video: New golden age of peace and prosperity dawns

And from the get-go, it’s filthy with defeatism. Even at the hour of victory, they’re reciting death tolls.

I’m surprised to find myself agreeing with Hugh Hewitt:

[I]t is a wonderful day for new media, especially talk radio. For two years we have had to defend the Congressional gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Now we get to play offense.

Indeed. Aside from that time when Reid went thug on Disney over “Path to 9/11,” I haven’t devoted a single serious thought to either one of these grotesque milquetoasts over the past six years. You probably haven’t either. That changes now. For the first time since the blogosphere broke big, there are people in charge whom conservatives can attack with a clear conscience.

Uncharted territory. Kind of exciting.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get too exciting, though. That’s how you end up with a nutroots.

Murtha’s already angling for Majority Leader, which is all to the good for our chances in ’08. Tinti’s got video of him telling an erect Chris Matthews tonight on MSNBC that he can’t wait to get his hands on that subpoena power.

I’m going to bed. Keep your eye on Burnsy, though. He’s within 6,000 votes with a quarter of precincts left to go.