Pelosi: Iraq isn't a war, Gannett = "the voice of the military"

Third in line for the presidency. Two heartbeats away. And one of those is arrhythmic.

The first segment comes from “The Situation Room.” If you missed the story about the Military Times editorials, read Bryan’s post. You’ll need that as background to appreciate her ignorance. The second segment’s from “Special Report” and runs a bit longer than necessary to include her restatement of the Powell doctrine, which remains an attractive policy for doves trying to look hawkish. She’s all for using overwhelming force once we go in, so long as we never go in.

Now she wants a say in Iraq planning.

‘Fess up, righty bloggers: as bummed as you are about last night’s washout, you’re kind of enjoying the thought of how much easier your job’s about to get.

I know. I am too.

For thoughts on Iraq from people who know what they’re talking about, check out the new Instacast on Rumsfeld with Austin Bay and Jim Dunnigan. There’s a fascinating split of opinion between them: Bay believes Rummy was in over his head from 9/11 onward but Dunnigan thinks no SecDef could have done better given the peculiarities, shall we say, of Arab culture. Bay also thinks Joementum was the big winner in the election. He might be right; the nutroots have already found themselves a new hate object.