Mizzou passes stem-cell initiative

How do you say “pwn3d” in Aramaic?

The ballot initiative that would have banned gay marriage in deep-red Arizona failed too despite having had the support of Our Moral Leader. A double dose of good news for Mayor Rudy, I’d say.

I was going to give you a clip from “The Passion” to illustrate the Missouri outcome but none of us are in the mood for an argument this morning. Then I thought I’d post the vid from “Teen Wolf” where one of the extras standing behind Michael J. Fox has his schwanz hanging out for all the world to see. That would nicely encapsulate how we’re all feeling this morning.

But upon further reflection, I don’t know how well that would fly either.

So instead you get the generic “Teen Wolf” clip montage. No schwanzes visible here, I think, but then I didn’t look too closely.