Video: Dhiren Barot's footage of the World Trade Center

He was sentenced today to a minimum of 40 years for — well, for everything. Dirty bombs, exploding gas tankers, train plots, research on chemical and biological warfare: the Independent ticks them off one by one. Where was he trained? Where else?

Here’s the video they played at his trial; I downloaded it from the Metropolitan Police website in the expectation that Drudge will end up linking and overwhelm their server. There are eight clips there, of which four have been stitched together here. Prosecutors believe the footage was shot in early April 2001, but that Barot wasn’t connected to 9/11. Rather, they think this was to be used in a bombing plot that was shelved after the big one — and then revived in 2004. Says the Blotter:

According to U.S. law enforcement officials, al Qaeda had targeted a number of important financial buildings, including the Citigroup buildings and New York Stock Exchange in New York City, the Prudential Financial building in northern New Jersey and the International Monetary Fund and World Bank buildings in Washington, D.C.

ABC News also reported that the intelligence was obtained following the seizure in Pakistan of a computer that contained highly detailed surveillance reports prepared by al Qaeda operatives casing the targets, both outside and inside, morning, noon and night.

The surveillance seemed so detailed that the FBI at the time decided to investigate the possibility of an inside job.

What they don’t tell you is the name of the person at whose behest Barot’s footage was allegedly shot and how the information leading to his arrest was obtained. For that you’ll have to revisit this post.

Two things to watch for. First, the text at the beginning of the clip, which was added by Barot himself. And second, the sound effect he provides towards the end.