Turnout heavy everywhere -- except Maryland? Update: GOP claims slight turnout advantage

Sizzlin’ hot turnout in the Show-Me State, the Nutmeg State, and whatever state Virginia is. CNN says the Webb-Allen contest could reach “historic” levels of voter participation, in fact, and that it’s heavy in both blue and red districts.

The only place it seems to be lagging is Steele country, where Ehrlich’s internal polls are showing lighter than expected turnout in their “key counties.” Which doesn’t bode well for everyone’s favorite Senate candidate.

Read this and see how much crap he had to eat while waiting in line to vote this morning. Nuance.

Here’s Lucianne Goldberg from Cavuto this afternoon relaying what she’s hearing. Optimism is catching!

Update: Good news — according to the Corner, O’Malley’s people are reporting low turnout in their precincts in Maryland, too. I’d link, but for some reason the text isn’t appearing on NRO’s permalinked pages right now.

Update: An e-mail from RNC HQ claims that the GOP turnout as a percentage of 2004 is slightly ahead of the Dems. Republican turnout is especially high in Connecticut and Virginia thus far.