Did the White House doctor the video of Bush's "mission accomplished" speech?

Here’s the latest crap being sold as proof that BUSH LIED! Watch this video, which is currently at #2 on YouTube among “News & Blog” clips. It’s 80 seconds long.

Good. Now here’s the photo that debunks it. I wish I could take credit for finding it but that honor belongs to a Farker named “jarrett” who marked it up and posted it in this thread earlier today.


Here’s another shot, taken from a low angle.


Finally, here’s the actual video of the speech on the White House site. I didn’t have time to watch it all, but I did skim; the camera angle appears to remain head-on throughout, and the furthest the camera pulls back that I saw is at the very beginning. As you can see, the bottom of the yellow “E” in jarrett’s photo is barely visible at the top of the screen through the lattice. The “Mission Accomplished” banner is nowhere near being in frame.

Click the image to watch.


If anyone takes the time to watch the whole thing, e-mail me and let me know if the camera ever pulls back to a wide shot and I’ll correct this. It certainly doesn’t at the beginning or the end.